.... Or, Damning Authors With Nonfiction

Authors are like any other kind of artist. Most are wonderful normal people who just do their thing, work, express themselves, and so on. Some are massive assholes. Some are perfectly pleasant until they hear constructive criticism, at which point they go absolutely apeshit (sometimes acquiring online sockpuppets to harass people).

Then there are the pretentious "arteestes," who think that the ability to spew words onto paper somehow makes them "above" the common herd. Even worse, this type usually thinks they are somehow better than other authors, even those in the same genre. Even the best of the best. And sometimes they change stuff about themselves to reflect how they THINK they should look/sound/act.

And then some authors are just batshit insane.

Well, this section is an interesting new project: my snarking of the crazy shit that various authors have said, about themselves, their work, and other people. Now, I'm not offering my viewpoints on ALL the authors whose work I snark here, because some are perfectly nice people, and some are deluded but not nastily so. And similarly, there will be some authors snarked here whose work does not get snarked on my site, because they're not actually that bad.

So sit back and enjoy the insanity.

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