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Dennis McKiernan - The Lord of the Seeing Crystal, um, Magic Arrow, uh, oh forget it....

A band of tiny but strong halflings from an idyllic little land join up with a human king-in-waiting, an elf archer and a doughty axe-swinging dwarf who are trying to stop the Evil Dark Lord from taking over the world and enslaving or killing everybody. In a world whose name means "middle world."

Yeah, I read it before. And it was a lot better when J.R.R. Tolkien wrote it.

Okay, backstory: Dennis McKiernan apparently began writing when he was in a bad motorcycle crash and was immobilized for some months, so he wrote a sequel to Lord of the Rings. Shockity-shock-shocks, you can't actually publish a literal sequel because the Tolkien estate will shut you down so fast your head spins, so he changed the names and a few details.... and then wrote a prequel trilogy with the same basic plot but a few new details, like a sugary princess and a COMET OF DEATH. And no ring. Plus the bad guy is carved out of Cheez.

Anyway, he wrote some actual original stories after that, but whatever.

  • The Dragonstone - Some incredibly tiny elf chick foresees that she has to get a bunch of cliched people/objects together or the world is going to end. Or maybe it will anyway. It's all very confusing.

  • Hel's Crucible Duology -No, that is not a typo.
    • Into The ForgeA halfling goes across the world with a tiny round object that may or may not be able to save the world. Wait, I've heard this one before. Also: elf perverts.
    • Into the Fire - Apparently war is long, boring, and repetitive. Also, the plague may break out at any random time.

  • The Eye of the Hunter

  • Tales of Mithgar

  • The Iron Tower Trilogy - Think Lord of the Rings, but whinier and weirder and with more crying.

  • The Silver Call Duology - Originally written as a sequel toLord of the Rings,but when it was shot down by J.R.R. Tolkien's estate, McKiernan turned it into a purely derivative work.

  • Once Upon A Winter's Night - A fairy tale adaptation, with some fairly explicit sex, a Purity Sue and much meanderings around in Faery.
  • Once Upon a Summer's Day -
  • Once Upon an Autumn Eve -
  • Once Upon a Spring Morn -
  • Once Upon a Dreadful Time - Time for happily ever after! Or whatever!

  • Caverns of Socrates- It's got fantasy, but it's actually sci-fi. Eh, just read it. It makes more sense. Think a not-very-good RPG game combined with the off-brand 2001: A Space Odyssey.
  • The Halfling House - A supposed tribute to Tolkien that isn't anything of the kind, in which in a lot of tiny people go on an unsatisfying adventure through time and space.

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