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Other Sources of Snark

Channel Awesome
A buttload of very snarky, clever people who snark everything from comics to movies to more movies to amusement parks.

The Agony Booth
Named after a really nasty torture device from Star Trek, this site mercilessly rips apart movies and TV shows at length. Ah, bliss.

SF Debris
Intelligent analyses of science-fiction/fantasy movies, TV and video games... mostly sci-fi, and mostly Star Trek. He does a lot of intelligent analysis of the stories and the background of the productions he's studying... but he's also funny as hell and very clever.


The core idea is the dissection of Christopher Paolini's works, but over time this community began sporking many awful books, including Twilight and the Maradonia books.

Another Anti-Twilight Blog! Yaycakes!

Deconstruction, criticism, and snark all focused on Smeyer's craptastic series.

The MST3K spoof of Eye of Argon

Everybody's favorite sarcastic robots and trapped janitor offer their take on the worst fantasy story ever written.

Jennifer Armintrout's blog

That's right, kids. A real legit published author has joined us in our snark!

LKH Lashouts

An entire group devoted to snarking LKH!

Nathaniel Jones' Videos

This guy made his own cut of Twilight, complete with hilarious voiceovers. "Why don't you just pretend to be homeschooled and have adventures all the time?" "... I've just wasted the last 104 years of my life!"

The Bad Webcomics Wiki
... because webcomics can be every bit as sucky as the professional ones. For all the stuff that Linkara and Chris Sims isn't going to mock.

Information For Snarkish Understanding

TV Tropes

A vast encyclopedia of tropes. Very snarky. Very fun. Very addictive. Read at your peril.

The Canon Sue Report
A community devoted to the profiling of the most disgusting and repulsive of characters... SUES.

LDS Sparkledammerung! (in four parts)
Basically a total and complete dissection of the Twilight series' stupidity, as well as the LDS themes in it. In case you didn't know, the Volturi are apparently supposed to be Catholics. Yay for tolerance.

My Immortal
The legendary "goffic" Harry Potter fanfic that makes The Eye Of Argon look like Shakespeare. I would not kid about this. I have read this entire fanfic, and have seen how it basically rapes the English language and all rules of punctuation, spelling and grammar. Not to mention plot and characterization. It is so bad that it overshoots outrage.... and ends up being mind-blowingly hysterical. I'd snark it, but I think it would be mostly me saying the same thing over and over.

Also, its history and details are explored in:

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