Snarking books is always fun, but sometimes there are movies that deserve to be torn to sad, bloody, wriggling bits as well.

Adaptations of Snarked Books

  • Eragon - The Movie - An adaptation of the first movie, which is comically bad. "I suffer without my stone!"

  • Twilight - The Movie - In which a boring girl moves to a boring town and meets a boring vampire. The only likable characters have about three minutes of combined screen time.

The Animated Lord of the Rings Trilogy

  • Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves - The movie that turned people off Robin Hood movies for YEARS, mainly by trying to make it sensitive and modern and.... at the end, totally hilarious.

  • Troy - If you cut the head, balls, intestines and hands from the most famous epic in human history... you get this.

  • Fire And Ice - This may be the gayest movie I've ever seen. Lots of random ass/crotch shots, a woman in a string bikini, and death by phallicsicle.
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