If you know anything at all about fanfiction, you have heard about this fanfic. You have to. If you haven't, look up one of the many articles about it, and then come back here. I'll wait.

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Okay, this fanfic is absolutely legendary in its badness. In fact, it's SO bad that there is some controversy about whether it's an elaborate hoax or a genuinely inept fanfic - which is why I hesitated to review it at first. Like Vampire Kisses, I wasn't going to review a spoof as if it was a serious piece of work. But I did do some research, and I'm now convinced that this is a For Reelz piece of non-spoof/satire fanfiction. For one thing, the author deleted it from (although many have saved it off), and if it was intended to be a spoof, she would have succeeded wildly.

So what is My Immortal, aside from a Evanescence single?

Well, it's a Harry Potter fanfiction that has almost no connection to Harry Potter. It's about goffs. In Tara Gilesbie's world, the world is divided into three different groups:

  • preps (who are all things evil)
  • posers (not much better)
  • goffs (aka goths, who are all things awesome, wonderful, etc)

There's sex. And bad music. And character mutilation. And wildly surreal plot holes. And a stupid Mary Sue. It's kind of like reading a Laurell K. Hamilton/Stephenie Meyer book as written by a brain-damaged tween who's never read anything in her life.

And it makes me long for the sweet release of death.

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