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When I was a kid, I read a lot of books. I also watched a lot of Star Trek. And since my parents were reluctant to move past dial-up and Google hadn't been invented yet, most of my needs for fan fiction were met by the official-but-not-canon-really books my mother bought and collected.

Well, I went back and read some of them recently... and holy crap, are some of them BAAAADDDD. There are some really good ones like Demons and its sequel Possession, How Much For Just The Planet? and Ragnarok. I can still read and enjoy these books to this day - and Spock's World will always have place in my heart because it is just that good. But... holy shit, there are some real stinkers in here.

  • The Laertian Gamble - (DS9) - A sexy lady tricks Bashir into gambling on her behalf, and he starts winning EVERYTHING... which is somehow connected to things going kablooie in the Federation. How is this happening? MAGICAL MATH SCIENCE!

  • Violations - (VOY) - Captain Janeway decides to do business with evil corporate pirates who are CLEARLY evil, and of course Voyager gets its entire computer stolen, so they have to deal with red tape to get it back. That's almost the entire plot there.

  • The Murdered Sun - (VOY) - Voyager finds a sun that is being... well, vampirized by a weird wormhole/black hole/whatever-the-fuck-it-is, and a planet that is slowly dying. The Prime Directive is bent into a pretzel while Janeway wangsts about not actually giving them any help while giving them help, and Chakotay does a lot of Generic Mystical '90s Native American By Hollywood crap.